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The Secret to Our Beauty

The secret to our Precious Oil is a special blend of naturally-occuring oils, fatty acids, and citrusy flower essentials.


Afnan Naturals

Afnan Naturals Precious Oils is a blend of natural oils filled with fatty acids and citrusy, flower essentials. Our Precious Oils have many uses including the ability to treat dry and itchy skin, hair loss, eczema of the skin, and hydration of hair.

Afnan Naturals

Our Story

Growing up in Somalia, Misra was always taught to use the natural ingredients found in everyday life like turmeric, qasil, frankincense, myrrh and many more.

Afnan Naturals is a locally-owned business in Fort McMurray. It began in a small home kitchen and a single mother’s passion for all-natural products that could help heal one’s external skin and hair troubles. This was the beginning of Afnan Natural Precious Oil.

In 2017, Mirsa, our founder and owner, was diagnosed with a Thyroid and Vitamin B12 deficiency causing her to suffer hair loss. Mirsa started medication which helped her to get better internally, but she still needed a natural product to help her heal externally. She tried many products but could not find anything that would help her. One day, she decided to create her own product and within 5 months, she was seeing a difference that no other oil gave her in the past. After seeing for herself the improvements to her body, she gave samples of her homemade oil to friends and family. All of them fell in love with the unique mixture of natural oils and wanted more. This was the birth of the Afnan Naturals business.

Afnan Natural Precious Oil is a unique mix of oils rich in head to toe hydration, filled with fatty acids such as coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil and many more. The oils sooth with flower and citrusy essential oils like Sweet Orange and Yang Yang. Applying it to skin or hair leaves behind a beautiful glow and hydrated, smooth skin and hair with no oily residue.

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